[mythtv-users] Scheduling new recordings requires mythtv restart

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon May 25 14:24:18 UTC 2009

On 04/24/2009 04:57 AM, Joel wrote:
> Ah.  Now I see what's happening.  mysql is refusing to respond to 
> mythbackend's queries in a timely fashion while mythfilldatabase is 
> running, and for a period of about 22 seconds (apparently) afterwards. 
> once it's freed up to respond, mythbackend is able to catch up and 
> respond to the socket. 

This sounds like a problem with a MySQL version/configuration that's 
becoming relatively common on several distros.  I don't know what the 
misconfiguration (or solution) is, but it seems that for some reason, 
Myth's attempt to detect dead connections is taking a long time, causing 

Greg Estabrooks was looking into the problem back in January, but I 
don't know if he's found a solution, yet.  If you'd like to see if this 
is the problem you're having, just set your MySQL timeouts to something 
ridiculously low and see if you can get repeat behaviors after the 
timeout interval.  To do this, just set wait_timeout and 
interactive_timeout (in your my.cnf) to something like 120 (for 2 minutes).


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