[mythtv-users] New release of scte65scan (mainly for Comcast users)

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Sun May 24 22:07:34 UTC 2009

Thanks, Mark.

Wanted to add a tiny more specific update on how to get the VCT_ID
from another motorola box-- this is tested on DCH-3200s and 6200s.

1) Power on your box.
2) Press "Power" on the remote to turn off the box.  IMMEDIATELY press
"OK" on the remote.  You should see a longs list of menus numbered
3) Select option d6, Current Channel Status.
4) You should see VCT ID listed on this page.  It may only be one or
two digits, which should correspond to the last one or two digits in
the VCT_ID.  You can run the scte65scan tool with no options to see
the available tables.  In my case, I see VCT ID: 1 on the cable box.
When running the scan tool, there is a VCT_ID 3001, which is the
correct one for me.  The hex associated with that one is 0x0bb9, so
that's what I put in the table on the wiki.


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