[mythtv-users] OT: Hardware purchase question for eventual HD Mythtv system

Marvin Match match at ece.utah.edu
Sun May 24 18:40:44 UTC 2009

On 22 May 2009 at 9:31, Brian Wood wrote:

> I, and others, have said it before, but:
> The PSU seems to be the first place makers and vendors skimp in order to 
> reduce costs. This is in large measure because most users (present company 
> excepted) don't know or care much about it.

This is SOOO true. On a recent build into an HTPC case I had occasion 
to change the PS out because I needed an 8-pin CPU power connector. 
Upon removing the "450 watt" PS that came in the case from the case 
manufacturer I just happened to notice that it had a label pasted 
over a label. After peeling off the top label, lo and behold, the 
label underneath identified it as a 400 watt unit.

Wasn't neccessarily a bad PS, but definately a cheapie. I wonder what 
it really is?

I replaced it with the smallest Corsair 80+ PS I could find that had 
an 8-pin CPU plug. This new Corsair 400 watt unit wieghs more than 
twice as much as the original "450 watt" PS and it's dead-quiet.


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