[mythtv-users] Charter moving around QAM channels

Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Sat May 23 21:04:28 UTC 2009

> Yes, I am still digging around this one. I was looking through the
> code today and decided
> that the issue is that the cable virtual table returns 2 and 1 for the
> major and minor. But
> that is not what what it is that the signalmonitor code is looking
> for. It is looking for the
> actual major and minor. Does anyone know what part of the ATSC/cable
> virtual table will
> return the right information? Do you think it would be at all
> reasonable to modify
> VirtualChannelTable::Find() to look for this info when called? Maybe I
> should ask on the
> dev list?

My final solution for this turned out to be much simpler. My main issue
was that the channel scan was not set up for two identical virtual
channels w/ different actual channels. So if I do an actual channel at a
time, make the virtual channels whatever I want and then change the
virtual channels in the db table after the fact everything seems to
work. No hacking required. But as others have pointed out, the channel
scanning and editing is just too hard. I would probably be helpful if I
lent a hand in improving that.


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