[mythtv-users] NFS share problems with DVD

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Fri May 22 09:32:04 UTC 2009

Hey group.
I have my setup up and running like a under the stairs solutions - where 
the only DVD-drive is in my MBE in the garage.
All the network is running with GB-LAN.

Sharing from the MBE:

On the MBE I've mounted the /dev/sr0 in the /mnt/dvd.
On the clients I mount the DVD drive in /etc/fstab:    /mnt/dvd    nfs    rw    0 0

In the Mythtv setting I've pointet the DVD drive to the position 
/mnt/dvd which in also I can see the contains of the dvd:

BUT when playing the DVD on the clients - there serious lacking each 
20-30secs. it freezes and the audio continues - and suddenly the picture 
jumps back in line.
So can I do something tweaking for that - in NFS sharing settings or in 
the MythTV setup ??? Caurse I have all my concerts ripped as ISO - and 
there's no problems with that - but also having like 250 DVD cartoons 
for the kids - so would really like to get the DVD-part up and running 
On the MBE the settings for sharing is like this in /etc/conf.d/nfs
# Number of servers to be started up by default

# Options to pass to rpc.mountd
MOUNTD_OPTS="--no-nfs-version 1 --no-nfs-version 2"

# Options to pass to rpc.statd

# Options to pass to sm-notify

So can I do anything to tweak this to run perfectly???

Thanks in advance
Per Jørgensen

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