[mythtv-users] UK EIT, Freesat

paul thannet at gmail.com
Fri May 22 07:25:34 UTC 2009

Decided in a reckless moment to rescan my tuners, something I should
have done a while ago, but with the lineup changes thought it

I am somewhat confused by the channel tuning on DVB-S I seem to recall
just setting a base freq to start on, and another on 2200000 and
2750000? Managed to get a few channel 4 stations, then did a rescan
using existing transports (Which I thought worked before?) Now I hardly
see any channels, and I seem to have to enter a base freq for every
group of channels? Have I lost the plot here? or has something changed
on the tuning? 
Also the EIT data seems somewhat missing from certain channels, as an
example BBC4,BBC3,FIVE,E4 ,E4+1, More 4, Movies 4 men, and the Zone
channels? Strange as Simply Movies, and nearly everything else has data.
I have a feeling I should recreate the tuners etc,and do another rescan,
so what settings do you use to start scanning DVB-S from ?


Mythbuntu 8.10 latest updates, two Nova-T 500, and two Nova-S

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