[mythtv-users] Stuttering and loss of sync after transcoding some recordings

Stephen Bridges widget at stdin.co.uk
Wed May 20 20:16:01 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 19 May 2009 08:17:14 Per Öberg wrote:
> In Sept 29 Peter Scahchte reported problems with mythtranscode for some
> recordings.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/351511?do=post_view_thre
> I have the exact same problem but I didn't manage to find any solution.
> The problem is that occasionally transcoded recordings
> (MPEG2 from DVB-T transcoded to MPEG 4) become damaged so that at some
> point in the recording the sound starts to stutter and mythtranscode
> never recovers. The playback is out of sync 1-2s and mythfrontend spits
> out loads of "WriteAudio: buffer underrun" messages.

I also had this problem.  I've turned off automatic transcoding, and now 
transcode programs manually after watching them, if I want to keep them.  I've 
not watched all of them again, but I've not spotted a file that was received 
without corruption to then be corrupted by transcoding.

Mind you, I've never received any DVB that's been too corrupt to watch either.


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