[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.21 and seca3 encryption on DVB-S

johan johan.vanderkolk at dommel.be
Wed May 20 18:26:07 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-05-20 at 14:14 +0200, bram kortleven wrote:
> Over the past few days I've been struggling with this issue: 
> I have a DVB-S setup, with a TV Vlaanderen Subscription, which uses
> Astra1 for transmission of both FTA and encrypted channels. 
> I had a lot of troubles getting a succesful scan in MythTV -setup, but
> found out I couldn't get a 'Lock' when the CAM was inserted in the
> CI. 
> This setup did work on Kaffeine on the same machine, so hardware-wise
> it looks OK. In Kaffeine I could watch the encrypted channels without
> any issues. 
> When pulling out the CAM module of the CI, starting a new scan, I
> immediately found lots of channels. 
> When watching TV, I always (on DVB-T and DVB-C, both FTA-only), I get
> (LAM), but when trying to watch the DVB-S channels (the FTA ones that
> is), I only see (l _ _) (the 'l' in small, not in capitals) 
> Anyone any idea if it is the card, which uses the new seca3
> encryption, or if it is MythTV or some module or driver that only
> MythTV seems to use, that is blocking my lock? 

Just to answer your original question, as the thread was hijacked.

I use the seca3 TV-Vlaanderen card, with the original CAM on a nexus-s
with CI.

it works in VDR and kaffeine. For mythtv I can't answer you (myth failed
to work properly with both CI slots filled) , but I would suggest you
try Kaffeine, which at least would rule out your hardware. 
I'm using Debian Lenny in its default config.

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