[mythtv-users] mythbackend still eats memory: the current status

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Wed May 20 06:18:38 UTC 2009

ryan patterson wrote:
>> This behaviour hasn't improved in my loggings (like this one) since the past
>> 6 to 9 months.
> I assume 

Yes you do.

> in the last four months you still have not made any effort to
> help in the analysis of your unique problem.

I have been searching for a method to recreate the mind boggling setup 
that I have on my Epia on a different PC, powerfull enough to run 
valgrind *and* mythbackend without sacrificing my DVB-T card.
I did not find any method.

Also, If my problem is so unique, why is it so reproducible (it happens 
24/7 here), why do others report continuous memory consumption and what 
makes you so certain that the backend is leak-free?

No software is without bugs and anything untested most certainly has 
bugs. Perhaps I am hitting a bug, so please be glad I am 'testing'.
As I explained my setup is not so complex: 1 DVB-T card, 1 multiplex, 3 
SD channels, one power search to record these 3 channels 24/7:

(channel.callsign = "NL1" OR channel.callsign = "NL2" OR 
channel.callsign = "NL3") AND program.starttime < DATE_ADD( NOW( ) , 

Oh, and a cron-job to make the scheduler schedule some more (just in case):

5 7,11,15,19,23 * * * /usr/bin/mythbackend --resched > /dev/null

That's about it. The video lands on a 900GB or so partition on a TB 
harddisk, a SAMSUNG HD103UJ.

Kind regards,

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