[mythtv-users] Volume problems watching live-tv (ac3 vs. stereo)

Ben Coleman arrikhan_mail at yahoo.com.au
Wed May 20 06:03:14 UTC 2009

Ben Coleman wrote:
> Whilst I went back to not having AC3 on my stereo (preamp went in for 
> repair) I had to fiddle with it and also alter mplayer settings to 
> allow 2channel normalisation.
> This involved tweaking alsa-mixer to ensure I was downsampling to 2ch, 
> and adding oss function to the mplayer via the command line. Check out 
> alsamixer and see what options are enabled in there.
> As I was passing AC3 through etc, and I had no decoder for AC3 
> anymore, I didn't want to play around too much with AC3 as it took 
> long enough to get it working under my scenario. I was experiencing 
> the same issue whilst my preamp was being repaired and this tweaking 
> seemed to fix the problem.
> I'm sorry I can't be more specific but I didn't write down what I did 
> .. just remembered that I altered it through alsamixer to ensure it 
> was outputting a 2channel signal from the source.

I have my newer preamp back and still have the same problem as the 
original poster. I use ac3 passthrough as I did with 0.20 and I have 
muffled sound for ac3 streams.

I figure this to be either an alsa issue or mythtv configured 
inocrrectly, but am lost and interpreting what I should and should not 
do. There are settings in myth to 'use' spdif for ver 0.21. When I use 
it, it DOESN'T work. When I use default, it does work. NOTE: I am using 
SPDIF for audio output to my preamp which processes the AC3 signal.

Can anyone suggest how to faultfind this issue?



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