[mythtv-users] Truncated HDHR recordings

Scott Colbeck scolbeck at gmail.com
Wed May 20 05:11:15 UTC 2009

> I've been experiencing the same thing with my HD-PVR. It only happens
> sometimes, but I would still like to get to the bottom of it. I
> haven't been around when it's happened to see what happens with the
> HD-PVR itself, but I would like to see if it can't be prevented.
> Could it be driver instability or something?

This happen to me for the first time just last night with my HD-PVR.
Out of a 2 hour show, it only recorded 57 minutes.  I noticed it about
an hour and a half into the show when I walked by the HD-PVR and
noticed the blue light was not on.  According to MythTV, it was
actively being recorded and the logs did not show anything out of the
ordinary.  After the scheduled completion of the show, the logs showed
the recording finished on time.  However both the frontend as well as
MythWeb showed it was still recording.  Only when I restarted the
backend was a problem reported in the log.  Right now both the
frontend and MythWeb report the show is 2 hours 32 min in duration (I
restarted the backend 32 minutes after the scheduled end time).  When
I actually play the show, it shows 57 minutes in duration.

Here are the log entries that show the show ended on time as well as
the errors during shutdown:
2009-05-18 22:00:00.590 TVRec(2): Changing from Watching RecordingOnly to None
2009-05-18 22:00:00.646 Finished recording 24 "Day 7: 6:00AM - 7:00AM;
Day 7: 7:00AM - 8:00AM": channel 1551
2009-05-18 22:32:11.220 DevRdB(/dev/hdpvr1) Error: Problem reading fd(41)
                        eno: Input/output error (5)
2009-05-18 22:32:11.293 MPEGRec(/dev/hdpvr1) Error: StopEncoding failed
                        eno: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)
2009-05-18 22:32:11.334 Finished recording 24 "Day 7: 6:00AM - 7:00AM;
Day 7: 7:00AM - 8:00AM": channel 1551

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