[mythtv-users] Charter moving around QAM channels, partially solved

Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Sun May 17 00:26:41 UTC 2009

> But here is the the stumper. Both KCET-HD and KCBS-HD have been matched
> to 2.1. KCET-HD is the first 2.1 and MythTV/HDHomeRun see this fine. But MythTV
> and HDHomeRun can seem to see the CBS channel. I am about to hunt through
> every QAM channel they find. But in the hopes of saving myself some
> time I thought
> I would post here in case someone else knew the answer.

The SiliconDust channel map for my area is correct and I was able to place
KCBSDT on 89.412 and KCET-HD on 88.401. So I created a dummy video source
as my channel scan scratch area and did a extracted transport frequency scan for
these exact frequencies. One at a time. After each scan I then move
the channel to my
actual video source and filled in or corrected the information. Then,
because they
come up w/ the same ATSC major and minor channel I went into the database and
changed the atsc_major_chan and atsc_minor_chan values for each channel to the
ones you see above.

My only issue now is that because it took me a few shots to get this
right I have the guide
data for KCET-HD associated to KCBSDT's actual channel. And I have no guide data
associated to KCET-HD's actual channel. I am convinced this is because
I had the wrong
channel info for KCBS 782 at the beginning. Does anyone know a fix?


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org

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