[mythtv-users] No "Upcoming Recordings"

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Thu May 14 05:39:07 UTC 2009

> I just upgraded to Mythbuntu 9.04 from FC8.  I backed up my mysql/mythconverg folder, reformatted, installed, then restored the mysql/mythconverg folder.
> Now I do not have anything listed in the "upcoming recordings" section.  I'm assuming I'm missing something in the database?  Can someone help me?  Attached is a list of my mythconverg schema.  There is data in the record and recordmatch tables.

I had this same problem when I updated to Mythbuntu 9.04 last week. In
my case I checked the logs and I found errors with the 'recordseek'
table. I went into mythweb in the settings section and looked at the
database settings tab. The 'recordseek' table was listed as crashed. I
hit the repair button in mythweb and that fixed the mysql table for

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