[mythtv-users] Custome modeline help (or: the Joys of JVC Customer Care)

Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 05:29:02 UTC 2009

MythTV users,

I'm trying to create a custom modeline that will allow my onboard Intel G35 hardware to work with My JVC LT-Z46ZF7.
For reasons I do not understand, my new hardware seems to misinterpret the EDID information sent by the TV, so I get a blue screen (signal parameters are outside what the TV can display).  My previous hardware (Radeon card with DVI-HDMI adapter) works just fine.

I didn't get anywhere with the suggested modelines in the MythTV wiki, so I decided to e-mail JVC customer support to get the information I need to create a custom modeline--pixel clock, referesh rates, the whole nine yards.

So far this experience has been less than optimal.
Some gems include:
"Based on the manaul this unit is capable of 1080I. As per the manual on
page 14, 37, a PC signal is only compatible connected via VGA or XGA
...In fact, that page of the manual explains that the TV can handle DVI input with the appropriate adapter.
"HDMI outputs on a PC are a lot higher than TV HDMI outputs due to
providing a different signal that some TV's are not able to recognize."
...What is this even supposed to mean?!  I think in fact JVC's customer support guys are the ones who are high.

If anyone has any ideas, aside from not buying anything from JVC, I'm all ears.  At this point I'm considering an EECB if I can find the right contact info.



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