[mythtv-users] external power supply rant (Was: Zotac ION M/B..)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed May 13 20:41:30 UTC 2009

Gabe Rubin wrote:

>If I am not putting this
>in a car, and I care about having a small case with as little noise
>from fans as possible, doesn't having an external PSU help me with
>that (assuming I can drop the brick of the PSU that gets hot away from
>the device it is powering)?  If so, I see this as a huge plus,
>especially if I decide to go a CF card and network storage to
>eliminate the HD in the box.

Yes, for you it would appear to be a plus point.

Different people will have different requirements. Personally, I 
dislike power bricks - but I think there'll be enough variety to suit 
us all :-)

Simon Hobson

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