[mythtv-users] Anyone use a DISH VIP211 and closed captions?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon May 11 23:45:13 UTC 2009

On Monday 11 May 2009 17:11:23 Jim Stichnoth wrote:

> The only thing I changed in my setup was to connect the PVR-150 to a
> different SchedulesDirect lineup, and of course to use a different
> channel changing script.  The raw VBI is still being seen by the
> PVR-150, but the sliced VBI is not working.  My HDHRs are still
> delivering closed captions properly, so it's not a problem in the
> high-level myth settings.  The recordings listing does indeed show the
> "cc" logo, and captions show up on a direct connection to the TV.
> The STB has to artificially inject the VBI signal into the output for
> captions to work.  One possibility is that the VIP211 and VIP722 do
> this in a slightly different way, and the 211's mechanism is confusing
> my card's sliced VBI capability.  Another possibility is that my
> PVR-150 has a different chipset than yours (mine is the low-profile
> version which may use different drivers).

If connecting the output of your 211 directly to your TV results in good 
captions, I don't think it's your problem, which leaves the PVR.

The PVR I use to record from the DISH receiver is different from my other 2. 
It has an FM radio (which I don't use), and it has no remote capability. The 
audio input is a pair of RCA jacks, not the 1/8" stereo connector the other 2 

Here's the boot log data, in case it's of any help:

(DISH Card):
ivtv2: Initializing card #2
ivtv2: Autodetected Hauppauge card (cx23416 based)
ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNKC] enabled at IRQ 16
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:02:08.0[A] -> Link [LNKC] -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> 
IRQ 22
tuner 4-0043: chip found @ 0x86 (ivtv i2c driver #2)
tda9887 4-0043: tda988[5/6/7] found @ 0x43 (tuner)
tuner 4-0043: type set to tda9887
tuner 4-0061: chip found @ 0xc2 (ivtv i2c driver #2)
cx25840 4-0044: cx25843-24 found @ 0x88 (ivtv i2c driver #2)
wm8775 4-001b: chip found @ 0x36 (ivtv i2c driver #2)
tveeprom 4-0050: Hauppauge model 26552, rev F0A3, serial# 8917363
tveeprom 4-0050: tuner model is TCL MFNM05-4 (idx 103, type 43)
tveeprom 4-0050: TV standards NTSC(M) (eeprom 0x08)
tveeprom 4-0050: audio processor is CX25843 (idx 37)
tveeprom 4-0050: decoder processor is CX25843 (idx 30)
tveeprom 4-0050: has radio, has no IR receiver, has no IR transmitter
ivtv2: Autodetected Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150
tuner-simple 4-0061: type set to 43 (Philips NTSC MK3 (FM1236MK3 or FM1236/F))
tuner 4-0061: type set to Philips NTSC MK3 (F
ivtv2: Registered device video2 for encoder MPG (4096 kB)
ivtv2: Registered device video34 for encoder YUV (2048 kB)
ivtv2: Registered device vbi2 for encoder VBI (1024 kB)
ivtv2: Registered device video26 for encoder PCM (320 kB)
ivtv2: Registered device radio2 for encoder radio
ivtv2: Initialized card #2: Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150
ivtv:  End initialization

Here's one of the other cards:

(non-DISH card):
ivtv0: Initializing card #0
ivtv0: Autodetected Hauppauge card (cx23416 based)
ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNKA] enabled at IRQ 19
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:02:06.0[A] -> Link [LNKA] -> GSI 19 (level, low) -> 
IRQ 19
tveeprom 2-0050: Hauppauge model 26032, rev C599, serial# 8383391
tveeprom 2-0050: tuner model is TCL 2002N 5H (idx 99, type 50)
tveeprom 2-0050: TV standards NTSC(M) (eeprom 0x08)
tveeprom 2-0050: audio processor is CX25841 (idx 35)
tveeprom 2-0050: decoder processor is CX25841 (idx 28)
tveeprom 2-0050: has no radio, has IR receiver, has IR transmitter
ivtv0: Autodetected Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150
ivtv0: Reopen i2c bus for IR-blaster support
tuner 2-0061: chip found @ 0xc2 (ivtv i2c driver #0)
cx25840 2-0044: cx25841-23 found @ 0x88 (ivtv i2c driver #0)
wm8775 2-001b: chip found @ 0x36 (ivtv i2c driver #0)
tuner-simple 2-0061: type set to 50 (TCL 2002N)
tuner 2-0061: type set to TCL 2002N
ivtv0: Registered device video0 for encoder MPG (4096 kB)
ivtv0: Registered device video32 for encoder YUV (2048 kB)
ivtv0: Registered device vbi0 for encoder VBI (1024 kB)
ivtv0: Registered device video24 for encoder PCM (320 kB)
ivtv0: Initialized card #0: Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150

Note that card0 (non-DISH) is a 26032, the DISH card is a 26552. This info 
might be meaningful to the IVTV folks.

The 26032 cards do work with captions, but I only use the RF inputs of those 
cards, not the baseband inputs.

Good luck. I know captions are not of interest to most folks, but to the 
people who use them, it can be a big deal. When I worked in the TV business 
we got a LOT of calls when we had captioning problems.

Let me know if I can do anything to help you out more.

beww at beww.org

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