[mythtv-users] Is anybody able to change channels on a 4250HDC STB via firewire?

Christian Szpilfogel chrisznews4 at rogers.com
Mon May 11 19:02:28 UTC 2009

Matt Emmott wrote:
> I've got Mythbuntu 8.10 running with 0.22-trunk and have set up a 
> slave BE with an HD-PVR. I have succesfully been able to capture video 
> from my SA4250HDC STB and would like to use one of the firewire 
> contrib scripts to change the channel. However, none of the scripts 
> work. When I attempt to use the SA3250 script, I get the message 
> "Ignoring SA 4250HDC on node 1 -- sorry not supported yet Could not 
> find SA3250HD or SA4200HD on the IEEE 1394 bus."
> Has anybody found a way to change the channel on this STB? I'm open to 
> any option. Thanks in advance.
Perhaps the following will help you...


Changes 3250HD/4250HD channels and ensures all is powered on before
doing so.

The current 3250 in contribs is broken.


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