[mythtv-users] Initial foray into Mythtv

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 12:44:09 UTC 2009

That to me seems to be the whole point:
a powerful GPU on a small form factor, low power board, can only be used for hardware accelerated video stuff, i.e. a nice frontend next to your TV. Ah but you could even embed the board inside the TV case, accomodate slots for USB ports and SD or whatever other small for factor storage. USB seems enough to me. You can run a full OS from a very small disk unit or you could netboot the thing if you turn your more powerful backend as a TFTP, NFS, DHCP and boot server. I did that once, it runs quite OK. You need a cabled network though.


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> > I agree about that nVidia Ion, I'm anxious to see
> how it turns out.  I have
> > heard some initial reports, however, that indicate it
> may not be as saucy as
> > it appears.  I hope they are preemptive, but then all
> reports at this point
> > are somewhat ahead of their time.  I don't mind
> spending some money now to
> > learn how to work with MythTV and then replace the
> hardware in the future if
> > the Ion, or something like it.  In any case, I would
> think that those kinds
> > of systems would need a backend...and thus the role
> for my computer now :)
> > Of course, being green, I may have some false
> assumptions lurking in that
> > opinion.
> The thing you need to realize about the Ion is that
> it's a relatively
> slow processor paired with a fast video card. Most of the
> complaints
> against it (that I've heard anyway) are about CPU
> intensive
> activities, like playing Hulu, and other flash video.
> Currently flash
> is not hardware accelerated, and is therefore slow on an
> Ion Box. The
> typical use in a MythTV box (at least my typical use) will
> be playing
> back HD/SD mpeg2 and h264 video, which can be played back
> in hardware
> with vdpau.
> So, while the Ion might not be perfect for every use, it
> looks like
> it'll be great for a MythTV Frontend.
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