[mythtv-users] Initial foray into Mythtv

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon May 11 10:26:07 UTC 2009

Matthew Keefe wrote:
>> You might consider $60 to get a 3G CPU for you existing system.
> My motherboard is socket 423, that tops out at 2.0G I think?  I could be
> wrong.  If so, an easy upgrade is definitely appealing.  I've seen adapters
> that allow the use of socket 478 chips, but the adapter is costly and
> degrades the performance (I would think).  Better to get a new CPU/mother.
> But there we run into the spiral of how much $ to put into a new hobby :)
Don't disregard the possibility of a m/b+processor upgrade. You can often find 
bundles of not-quite bleeding edge kit for far cheaper than you can put 
something together yourself. If you're just experimenting (you're running 
Mythtv; of course you're experimenting!) then look out for a bundle, you may be 
surprised at what you can find.


Mike Perkins

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