[mythtv-users] Initial foray into Mythtv

Matthew Keefe learningtehlinux at gmail.com
Sun May 10 20:19:43 UTC 2009

Thanks for all the help guys.  Sounds like I may do alright for the short
term with the hardware I have, certainly for learning what seems to be
MythTV voodoo.  It looks like it may be about time for 0.22 to be released
but I can find to reference to it nor a timeline.  Perhaps this is savvy
planning on the part of the developers.  Anyone know if 0.22 is imminent?

As for the SSD, I didn't bet the farm and buy a ...premade one? Not sure
what to call those all-in-ones.  In any event, I went the route you
suggested Brian and have an adapter and CF card on the way.  Worst case I
have a new fast card for my camera, and some inexpensive bits of silicone
that collect dust.  The CF is 266X, being cheaper and only marginally slower
than 300X.

I think I'm going to start with the lastest MythBuntu, which runs Myth on
top of Jaunty.  That being the case, I should have access to Ext4.  Of
course, the question becomes, though it might be better for SSDs, does it
play nice with Myth?  I hear that if you "get MythTV to work, don't touch
it" so it may be that no one has tried using Ext4 yet, but if you have, what
is your experience with it?  Good idea, bad idea, fair to middling?


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