[mythtv-users] Getting double audio

Andy Cowell andy at cowell.org
Sat May 9 17:14:53 UTC 2009

After working fine for a month or so, suddenly my mythtv is playing the
audio double.  I don't know if it's left and right tracks out of sync or
what.  Initially, the sound is very tinny, as they are just slightly out of
sync.  However, if I fast forward or anything like that, the amount they are
out of sync grows and can be 2-3 seconds "out of phase."

When I stream the same video over mythweb, the audio seems fine, so I'm
guessing it's only a playback issue on the server itself.

I'm grabbing a/v with a Hauppage HVR-1600.  The audio is on the motherboard
(Intel D845GBV).  I have a cable converting the headphone out to RCA plugs
in my receiver.  It is both frontend and backend.
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