[mythtv-users] JYA's 0.21 with VDPAU on Jaunty Playback problem

James Crow james at ultratans.com
Thu May 7 11:46:42 UTC 2009

Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> Hi
> 2009/5/7 James Crow <james at ultratans.com>:
>>  Would it be possible to add a VDPAU profile to your packages and make it
>> the default? I added my own and introduced an error.
> This has been discussed before ; and the conclusion is : not really.
> Profiles are created when a new frontend is being added. Doing any
> modifications after that becomes tricky.
> Not even trunk does that
Ok. Fair enough. I figured my problem out rather quickly. I just thought 
it might help others. Where do the default profiles come from? Are they 
coded into the frontend? I always see CPU++, CPU--, Slim, and maybe 
another one. I am just learning C++, but it might be fun to try making a 
patch to add a VDPAU profile.


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