[mythtv-users] mythtv + nfs = bad?

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at gmail.com
Wed May 6 17:56:09 UTC 2009

2009/5/5 Torbjörn Jansson <torbjorn.jansson at gmail.com>:
> found the setting, was under playback.
> when you enable this setting it doesn't take effect immediately,
> frontend needs to be restarted for it to work.
> once checked, playback is smooth and i don't need to dismount the nfs share.

i think i spoke too soon, the problem is back even with this setting.
but i did find something odd and i have a feeling this problem is not
nfs related.

today when trying to watch recordings i go the stuttering video problem agan.
but when i open iptraf and open detailed interface statistics for eth0
the problem is gone as long as that screen is up and running.
explain that :-)

immediately when i close the details interface stats the stuttering
comes back and goes away when i start it again.

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