[mythtv-users] Audio over HDMI: my story

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Wed May 6 00:32:53 UTC 2009

>  I presumably don't have the "new driver" problem since mine is 173.x.

Well, I'm not exactly sure when that problem popped up. I didn't have
it with the 169.x driver, but I did with the 180.x

I'm wondering...are you absolutely positive that you don't have an
analog audio cable hooked up? I mean, looking back at your very first
"my nvidia card has only DVI output, not HDMI, and I was using a
DVI<->HDMI cable for the hookup.  So, why was I getting any audio in
the first place?"

I don't know of any way you can get audio into a HDMI cable by hooking
it up with a DVI adapter. So it sounds to me like maybe you've got an
analog audio hookup that you don't realize is there. Presumably, when
you thought you weren't getting HDMI audio working, it was because you
sound was trying to go through analog audio but your driver was
transmitting the fake HDMI audio signal. Once you did the custom EDID,
that signal cut out, and what you thought was your HDMI audio now
working was actually the fact that your TV wasn't being tricked by the
fake HDMI audio stream, thus it fell back to using the analog audio

Sorry if I'm questioning you on something that seems obvious. I'm just
incredibly confused by some of your posts, and this is the only way I
can make sense of what's going on based on what I know. It really
sound like you have an analog audio hookup. Perhaps if you don't have
an audio cable from the mythbox to the TV, maybe you've got analog
audio running to your stereo receiver, and you have an output from
your receiver to the analog input on the TV. Or maybe you've got an
SPDIF out the receiver and it's converting it to analog.


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