[mythtv-users] MythTV and Comcast (SF Bay Area) transition to digital

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue May 5 15:43:36 UTC 2009

Matt Beadon wrote:
> Anyone else have any input on how to map channum to xmltvid?

Mythtv uses chanid as the unique identifier. Channum can actually be 
anything you want. XMLTVID is the unique external identifier used by 
Tribute Media/zap2it and Schedules Direct. So the mapping is really 
xmltvid to channum.

Basically, you have to discover exactly what channel is playing on any 
particular chanid. Comcast probably has an online listing of channels 
which you can match against your SchedulesDirect lineup or at zap2it.com.
Where you have duplicate xmltvid's on different sources or cable 
channels, you will have to differentiate them by tuner priority 
(source), since Comcast is likely delivering the same stream, in 
different definitions. IOW channel 104 is a standard def version, while 
608 is an HD stream, of the same external channel. Worse yet, if you 
have an antenna, that same channel will be available through a third 
source. You may want to split your lineups so that, for example, the SD 
channels are only available in one source.

You can change the channum descriptions for each, so that your program 
Guide shows each differently, but tuner priority is the only way that 
myth will differentiate the streams internally (I may be wrong about 
that but I don't think so). The guide will internally6 see them as the 
same group/set of programs.


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