[mythtv-users] OT: 3 week old HDD "Clicking" ??

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Tue May 5 02:16:56 UTC 2009

How about this for a Seagate Horror story,

I bought a 750GB ST3750330AS it lasted 8 months and then failed without
warning loosing all the data including several GB of the wifes data. --WAF

Drive was replaced with a refurbished drive which lasted a further 7
months and started failing with bad sectors but I was able to backup all
the data before sending it back.

That drive was replaced with another refurbished drive, I started copying
a few GB of data back onto the replaced drive to find Bad sectors in the
first day of use, spoke to a Seagate tech who said this is in spec and to
scan with the Seatools for DOS util which found errors and "repaired" them
but as soon as I booted back into Windows the bad block errors returned,
I'm now backing everything up on this drive constantly waiting for the
immanent failure, I haven't had time to chase this up with Seagate or do
any further testing but I think that will be my last purchase of a seagate

On the upside I guess, the warranty is renewed on each replacement drive.
At this rate the drive will be in warranty for atleast the next decade.



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