[mythtv-users] Disabling iMON IR Receiver but not iMON VFD?

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Mon May 4 23:32:31 UTC 2009

Ben Lancaster wrote:
> Hey,
> I have an mceusb2 remote, and a case with a built-in iMON VFD & IR 
> receiver. I've managed to get an lircd instance for each remote on boot 
> as-per the lirc documentation (http://www.lirc.org/html/configure.html), 
> using /dev/lircd and /dev/lircd1. IRW confirms that both daemons are 
> working properly and accepting input.
> Here's the problem; I only want to use the mceusb2 remote, and not the 
> iMON remote. Sometimes the machine assigns the iMON IR to /dev/lircd and 
> mceusb2 to /dev/lircd2, but sometimes its the other way around, and 
> MythTV only seems to work with the device on /dev/lircd. It seems that a 
> hard restart or boot from cold assigns mceusb2 to /dev/lircd1, but a 
> soft-reboot assigns mceusb2 to /dev/lircd. My question is in three parts 
> I suppose:
> 1. Can I set it so mceusb2 is always bound to /dev/lircd and iMON IR to 
> /dev/lircd1

I believe the best solution is to add a udev rule that causes your MCE 
remote's USB receiver to be created as device with a known name. Then, 
you can set the parameters for your lircd daemon to point to this 
device. Essentially, this is what I do in MiniMyth.

You can find an example of what you might do here:
It shows how to create a symlink to the device based on the USB vendor 
id. This should be sufficient for what you need. However, you can 
qualify it further using the USB device id and/or the USB serial number.

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