[mythtv-users] OT: 3 week old HDD "Clicking" ??

greg greg12866 at nycap.rr.com
Mon May 4 23:03:45 UTC 2009

Andrew Burgess wrote:
>>>> I've got a 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Disk (ST31500341AS); bought 
>>>> on 2009-04-14 (~3 weeks ago)
>>> You'll want to check the Myth archives on this drive.  There is a 
>>> firmware update available I believe.
>> OMG yes!
>> http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=207957
>> a thousand thanks,
> Also, don't worry about sending back a 'good' drive. I doubt a human
> does more than wave a reader at the bar codes on your drive and the rma
> label, then the drive goes in a bin with all the other rmas. I RMAed a
> WD for having write timeouts no problem.
I had a  Seagate drive go bad a few months ago,i had some tax info on 
the drive..I e-mailed them and asked what happened to a drive when it is 
  They told me the first thing they do is a low level format. If the 
drive won't spin then the drive is stripped down and the platters are 
removed to be used in refurbish drives..
  I destroyed the drive myself.. I don't need my SS# out in public...

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