[mythtv-users] channels.conf import: Not all channels appear!

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Fri May 1 17:18:57 UTC 2009

Grrrr . . . 

I used the procedures detailed here: 


. . . and here: 


. . . to create a channels.conf file. 

I used mplayer to view the channels -- using the same capture card as my mythtv setup uses, using the data in channels.conf -- and give them valid labels. 

I know for a fact that Cartoon Network was viewable and tunable. I saw it live. 

However . . . when I used mythtvset=>Scan Channels to do a scan using channels.conf, Cartoon Network (and possibly others) didn't end up on the final roster of channels. 

I spot checked a few of the other channels added via channels.conf input and they work fine. 

Any ideas? 


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