[mythtv-users] CableCARD spoofed by DIY community

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Fri May 1 12:51:47 UTC 2009

David Schlenk wrote:
>> Also: DMCA doesn't apply outside of the USA, luckily.
> Are there cablecard setups outside the USA?
> IANAL but just because you drill through someone's door lock doesn't
> mean the lock was ineffective, 

Not so relevant comparison.
By breaking a cable card there is no physcial destruction of a lock by 
brute force. It's primary goal is to decrypt the content that we paid 
for for private use.
(C) protection has gone too far, and you kow it.

> You'll still be on the wrong side of law. 

I can make legal copies of songs on the radio onto cassette, CD-R, etc.
I cannot copy teh contents of this cable network that I stupidly or by 
chance of monopoly signed on to. So I may reverse engineer their system 
so I can make copies of the content for my private use.

> But once someone commits
> that illegal act then anyone else can take advantage and loot the
> place? Pretty sure you'd lose that case, but feel free to try it. I'll
> stick to an HDPVR.

Yes, but what if you cannot use the PVR because of this cryptocard thingie?
You lose functionality because some company thinks it's bad you can do 
teh same things as when you had a VHS.

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