[mythtv-users] Adding HVR-1600 to working PVR-500 mythtv setup -> no NTSC signal on HVR-1600 & ATSC guide info missing (comcast Mountain View, CA)

Dale Pontius DEPontius at edgehp.net
Fri May 1 09:42:08 UTC 2009

Matt Beadon wrote:
> As an easier followup question:
> Does the cx18 driver support Hauppauge model 74591?
> I see lots of references to model 74041 online but not much for the 74591.
>  I haven't even figured out what the difference is but I'm wondering if that
> is causing the following error:
> cx18-0: tveeprom cannot autodetect tuner!
> ?
I would head over to the video4linux mailing list for that one.  Most 
certainly the author would want to hear about a new variety of the card. 
  That number doesn't ring a bell for me, but I'm no expert.

Dale Pontius
> Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 13:15:28 -0700
>> From: Matt Beadon <matt.beadon at gmail.com>
>> Subject: [mythtv-users] Adding HVR-1600 to working PVR-500 mythtv
>>        setup ->        no NTSC signal on HVR-1600 & ATSC guide info missing
>> (comcast
>>        Mountain View, CA)
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>> Hi,
>> I have a mythtv 0.21 setup running on debian lenny.  It is my first
>> experience with myth so it took me ages to get everything configured
>> correctly.  However now Comcast in Mountain View is cutting all analog
>> cable
>> for channels >34 so I'm forced to add a ATSC cabability or lose most of the
>> channels I watch.  :(
>> Here's where I am so far:
>> I followed the procedure here:
>> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_hvr-1600
>> My first problem was that using the HVR-1600 with the PVR-500 my
>> /dev/video*
>> devices moved around on me depending on cold boot or warm reboot.  So I
>> created a set udev rules (below) to give me a consistent place to link my
>> various tuners.
>> /etc/udev/rules.d/56-custom.rules:
>>> KERNEL=="video[0-2]*", ATTR{name}=="cx18*0 encoder MPEG*",
>>> SYMLINK+="HVR-1600"
>>> KERNEL=="video[0-2]*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv0 encoder MPG*",
>>> SYMLINK+="PVR-500_1"
>>> KERNEL=="video[0-2]*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv1 encoder MPG*",
>>> SYMLINK+="PVR-500_2"
>>> SUBSYSTEM=="dvb", DRIVERS=="cx18", SYMLINK+="HVR-1600_digital"
>> Probably the last one is unecessary but I don't think it hurts anything
>> (?).
>> Problem #1: No video on /dev/HVR-1600 (analog)
>> dmesg reports that the HVR-1600 was initialized.  The only odd message I
>> see
>> is:
>>> [   16.838687] cx18-0: tveeprom cannot autodetect tuner!<6>cx18-0:
>>> Simultaneous Digital and Analog TV capture supported
>> Haven't been able to figure out if the tveeprom msg is important or not?
>> Using mplayer to test the various video devices I can see video on
>> /dev/PVR-500_* but "mplayer /dev/HVR-1600" gives me nothing but static.
>> Just for kicks I also tried "mplayer /dev/video0, 1 and 2.  Right now
>> HVR-1600 is video1 with PVR-500 on 0 & 2.  As expected video0 & 2 work fine
>> and video1 shows nothing but static.
>> As further confirmation I tried "ivtv-tune -c 47 -d /dev/video[0-2]" which
>> gave me:
>>> /dev/video0: 361.250 MHz  (Signal Detected)
>>> /dev/video1: 361.250 MHz
>> /dev/video2: 361.250 MHz  (Signal Detected)
>> Suggestions for problem #1?  The only thing that I haven't tried yet is
>> swapping the cable I'm using from the splitter between the analog and
>> digital inputs on the HVR-1600.  I'll try that tonight though I think it's
>> unlikely that I have a bad cable.
>> Problem #2: No guide data for ATSC channels
>> After scanning for both QAM-256 and QAM-64 channels using "-" (minus) as
>> the
>> channel separator (since that matches the schedulesdirect listing better).
>> I have found a bunch of unecrypted channels that myth can tune.  I added a
>> schedulesdirect lineup for "Comcast - Digital" and setup my DVB tuner as
>> described in the HVR-1600 wiki.  Fired up the backend and frontend after
>> running mythfilldatabase but all the channels were listed as unknown.  I
>> could tune in a bunch of channels but without listing data why bother?
>> So after a bunch of searching online I got the idea that maybe
>> schedulesdirect "Local Broadcast Listings - Antenna" seemed to more closely
>> match the channels I was tuning.  So I switched my input connection for the
>> DVB tuner to broadcast and rescaned.
>> I still have digital channels that I can tune in but no listing
>> information.  Also now I appear to have an odd mix of channel numbers such
>> as 2,2-1,2-2,... ,83,83#3,93#3.
>> Questions:
>> 2a) how can I dump out a list of all the digital channels I've scanned and
>> found?  I'd like to compare this list to my lineups to see if there's a
>> better match with broadcast or digital cable.
>> 2b) Do I need to correct this mix of 2-1 and 83#3 channels?  I'm guessing
>> that I should have only one kind of channel separator and not two?
>> 2c) What's the best way to wipe all the found channels to start over with
>> scanning?
>> 2d) Does anyone in Mountain View with comcast have a list of clear QAM
>> channels that I should be able to tune and/or suggestions on how to get
>> this
>> working?  The list on
>> http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/lineupui/US:94043seems extremely
>> optimistic and doesn't match what I've found so far for OTA
>> or QAM256.
>> 2e) Can anyone with comcast in Mtn View confirm that they have a mythtv
>> setup working with clear QAM?  I'm beginning to think I'll have to get one
>> of comcast's crappy STB tuners and dive into IR blasting that device from
>> myth (yuck).
>> If you made it this far thanks for reading and any suggestions or questions
>> welcome!
>> Matt
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