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Sun Mar 1 18:40:12 UTC 2009

MythTV will balance concurrent recordings across the available directories
> in a Storage Group in order to spread out the file I/O load. MythTV will
> prefer filesystems that are local to the backend over filesystems that are
> remote until the local filesystem has 2 concurrent recordings active or
> other equivalent I/O, then the next recording will go to the remote
> filesystem. The balancing method is based purely on I/O, Myth does not try
> to balance out disk space unless a filesystem is too low on free disk space
> in which case it will not be used except as a last resort.

I'm a little unclear about the local versus remote part there.

I have a master backend and a slave backend.  The drive on each backend is
shared via nfs and mounted on the other.  When I started watching some
livetv to test things out, using a tuner on the slave backend it started
recording to the nfs drive.  Based on what it says above, shouldn't it have
gone to the local drive first?  Or am I not supposed to mount with nfs and
myth can directly access remote filesystems itself?

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