[mythtv-users] Select a specific group filter?

Jim Stichnoth stichnot at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 21:42:21 UTC 2009

I'd like to map several buttons on my remote, each of which would
change the group filter to some particular value, like "All Programs"
or "Default" or "Movies" or "Kids" (the latter two being labels I have
created).  I've heard rumors that this is possible, but I can't find
or figure out how.  Right now I have to press Menu+Select, then use
arrow keys to highlight the group, and Select.  I looked into the
CHANGERECGROUP action, but that just lets me replace the initial
Menu+Select with a single key.

I suppose I could program a macro into my universal remote to do
Menu+Select+0+<some number of down-arrows> (where the "0" jumps to the
top of the group list).  Is anyone doing something more clever?


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