[mythtv-users] How does they "Y" key cycle through tuners?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Mar 30 14:54:25 UTC 2009

On 03/30/2009 09:50 AM, stuart wrote:
> How does they "Y" key cycle through tuners?
> I'm confused.  After about a year of running an NTSC Hauppauge, ATSC 
> Kworld 110 & ATSC Kworld 120, my Kworld 120 has given out.  (Whether 
> this is because the driver broke during an update or bad hardware I do 
> not know.)    To test the tuners I press "Y" to switch between the 3 
> to see which is working.  But I am sure the front ends are only 
> switching between 2 different tuners (it is obvious the NTSC tuner 
> shows up every other press of the "Y" key on the mythfrontend 
> application regardless if mythfrontend is running on the MBE or the 
> SBE machine).
> Setup...
> MBE: NTSC Happauge & ATSC Kworld 110
> SBE: ATSC Kworld 120
> Can anyone explain the logic behind watching live TV and the "Y" key?
> BTW, I checked this last go around w/the "Y" key on the MBE to see if 
> any of the tuners were being used.  All 3 were doing nothing according 
> to the mythfrontend application running on the MBE.

A much easier way to see which /input/ (as you really don't care which 
"tuner" is in use and if you know the input you know which capture card 
is in use) is in use is to specify names for the inputs in mythtv-setup 
under Input Connections.  Then, when switching inputs, mythfrontend will 
show you the input name on the OSD (and MythWeb will show you the input 
name on Upcoming Recordings and ...).

>   Pressing "Y" on the MBE while trying to watch live TV cycled between 
> the NTSC Happauge turner and an ATSC tuner that could not lock onto a 
> signal. I was at least exptecting the Kworld 110 on the MBE to work.
> Just plain frustrating.

You just haven't learned how things work, now.  0.21-fixes is /not/ 
MythTV 0.18.



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