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And for what it's worth, S-video out is working correctly on the new TV, but
obviously this defeats the purpose of buying a 1080p TV.

I didn't mention it, but I have tried all of the other deinterlacing
options, but none of them correct the problem.

If my description of the problem doesn't make any sense, the following is a
link to a photo of what it looks like.



On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 4:15 PM, Andrew Koebbe <andrew at koebbe.com> wrote:

I'm a log time reader, first time poster.

So I finally gave in and replaced my CRT TV with a 1080p LCD. I've got my
frontend box plugged in via the VGA connector (I haven't picked up a DVI to
HDMI cord yet).

The frontend UI looks great, but when I play a recording the horizontal
lines are offset and shaking. The recordings are untranscoded ATSC OTA
captures. If I watch the mpeg file in VLC it works just fine, but if I put
VLC in full screen mode, the shaky lines comeback.

I tried putting Myth frontend in windowed mode and shrank the size down.
When I did that, the video plays correctly. So it seems that full screen
playback is the problem.

When playing back a recording in fullscreen in Myth the OSD does not shake,
only the Video. I've tried other payback profiles, but to no avail.

The video card is a Nvidia 5200 and I'm using a DVI to VGA converter on the
frontend box, in case either of those things mean anything.

I understand that this really isn't an issue with Myth, but I was hoping
that someone else has dealt with this and has any suggestions.




By chance is the TV you bought an LG?

At work we had a customer that notices some issues with the VGA connection
on their new LG TV. The customer who purchased the TV had worked with LG for
weeks trying to find the issue and could not so LG sent a unit to us for
testing. When we got it we discovered that when we sent a NTCS over VGA
signal to an LG TV there were issues. This was even documented in the
manual. When putting a signal over the VGA connection to an LG TV you have
to go into the TV Menu and set the correct mode. Even if not an LG I can
only guess this might be a similar thing.

You could always wait for the HDMI to VGA connection.


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