[mythtv-users] Need help with make-ing svn/fixes .21

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 17:37:55 UTC 2009

> Note: Please don't ask why I don't use a pre-built package. I tried
> mythbuntu (to install over ubuntu). First, I did not get an ATSC choice for
> TV Format during backend config.  Asked for help, got no response. Secondly,
> after a couple reboots, Mythbuntu decided to use its own desktop.  I also
> got a broken package errors which synaptic could not fix. So, I decided to
> go the compile way.
> ***********************

Mike, no offense, but it looks like the compile your own code isn't
going so well for you either. You have post 5 or 6 messages asking
about various compile errors. In most cases the answer was to simply
install a package, which you could have discovered on your own by
using google or searching packages.ubuntu.com. You don't seem to know
much about setting up mythtv or compiling your own code so maybe it
would be wise to heed the advice of the more experienced users on the
list, and use the precompiled packages.

Your Mythbuntu issues are easily fixed. You can log out and before you
log back in choose a different session (eg Gnome or whatever you
prefer) and choose the option to make that your default session. You
can go into mythbuntu control centre and disable auto login and
mythbuntu artwork, login, etc. From there you can also check off to
remove xfce (the light weight windows manager that mythbuntu uses by
default) and check Gnome, KDE or whatever you like.

As far as debugging your ATSC problems or any other problems for that
matter, you are much more likely to get useful help with the
precompiled packages because many other people will be using the same
packages. When you compile your own you are introducing more variables
and more failure points. This is fine if you know what you are doing
and you are compiling your own to get some other patches, etc into
your build. But your current path is likely to cause more trouble than
it is to help you.

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