[mythtv-users] recording frozen; no lock; can't talk to backend

Michael Salmons salmonsm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 13:26:02 UTC 2009

I've got a fresh install of mythbuntu (8.10) on an IBM Thinkcentre M50 (P4
3ghz with 512 MB RAM). My video cards are a Hauppauge HVR-1600 and Nvidia
Geforce 6200.

I just got watching ATSC over the air to work a couple of nights ago by just
defining DVB-0 (I did NOTdefine an MPEG-2 card). Watching TV is okay IF the
signal is very strong (I'm posting another question about that problem).

 I scheduled a recording last night and came back a few hours later to watch
it. Myth was stuck on a frame of the program- granted, the signal was not
perfect, there were quite a few jumps and pixellations and so forth. It was
unresponsive to any keyboard input (including switching to tty1, 2, etc). So
I just powered down and up. I let it go to attempt a couple more recordings
this morning, which it did flawlessly.

After the recording I wanted to watch live tv, but it couldn't get a lock on
any channel. As I exited Watch TV Myth informed me it had lost touch with
the backend.

I rebooted gracefully to get the backend up again, which it seems to be.

I gathered my logs and see a lot of this, but only from the timeframe of the
failed recording last night:

   1. 2009-03-26 23:03:20.657 NVP::AddAudioData():p1: Audio buffer overflow,
   audio data lost!
   2. 2009-03-26 23:03:20.657 [ac3 @ 0xb7375764]frame sync error

here's the whole thing..


Weirdly, there's nothing in the logs about this morning's backend problems,
even though I saved logs after rebooting.

Does anyone know what the cause of this might be?

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