[mythtv-users] migrating a backend

Steve Curtis scurtis at fixation.net
Wed Mar 25 23:07:06 UTC 2009

>   1) Use the /exact/ same hostname for the new system as you used for the
> old.

I can vouch for this hostname issue.  I just used the --partial restore
option to move my recordings over to some new hardware and I've had terrible
problems.  I now fiund that my new backend shows up as <unknown> when a
frontend UPNP's it.  I'm therefore going to rebuild the new frontend using
the old name and migrate again.

> If you can't use the same hostname, make sure you do a hostname change (
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore#Change_the_hostname_of_a_MythTV_frontend_or_backend) using the restore script /at the right time/...  I.e. right after you
> restore the DB (without specifying the hostname change), do the hostname
> change.  Do *not* run /any/ mythtv programs (mythtv-setup, mythbackend,
> mythfrontend) against the restored database before doing the hostname change
> or you will make a mess that will require a /lot/ of work to clean up.
Defo keep the old drive - I've rolled back so many times on a new frontend
trying to get a stable VDPAU install I just cant imagine what I'd have done
without it!

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