[mythtv-users] OT: Confused between geforce 8200 and 8300 IGPs motherboards

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Tue Mar 24 22:21:45 UTC 2009


I've been looking for an upgrade of my trusty SD spec'ed Via Epia sp13000
frontend and have been checking out Asus AMD motherboards. Many retailers
seen to be confused as to which are full sized ATX and which are microATX.

As far as I can see the
M3N-H/HDMI is full sized, uses the 8300 and can map 512M of video memory
M3N78 PRO same
M3N78VM is uATX, uses 8200 and can map 256M of video memory
M3N78EM same
M3N78AM same again

Is there a difference between the 8200 and 8300 IGP or are retailers
getting confused about that as well since the 8300 seems to be based on
the 8200GS PCI-E card chip.

Is there a 8300 based motherboard in uATX form factor that can map 512M of

Robin Gilks

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