[mythtv-users] UPnP Playback Device

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Tue Mar 24 09:02:04 UTC 2009

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Monday 23 March 2009 09:55:51 belcampo wrote:
>> I use a PopCornHour playing via nfs which works very well. MythUPNP
>> doesn't work for me.
> Which PCH model are you using? Is the 110 worth the extra cost? I'm also 
> interested in the motherboard they sell, but it seems over-priced to me.
I've both, if buying more I would buy the cheapest. They're the same 
except PATA/SATA, I use them without Hard-Disk, and reset-button.
> Do you mean your Myth UPnP "server" is not working? I have that working, only 
> problem is PVR recordings.
That is what  I meant
  Does your PCH work with other UPnP devices?
Yes it does very well.
> I'm also looking at the Neuros box. The Western Digital unit appears to be the 
> same Roku box Netflix is selling.
Isn't the WD a NON-network device ?
> One advantage to buying the Roku from Netflix is you can complain to them if 
> it doesn't work. I've also heard that Netflix is throttling feeds 
> to "unofficial" devices. The conspiracy theorists seem to think Netflix is 
> giving priority to X-Box users due to pressure from MS, not sure I buy into 
> that one though.
> I have a MediaMVP I might try, but that would mean no HD. I've heard rumors of 
> an HD MVP. I'd like to support Hauppauge because they seem to work with FOSS 
> people willingly.
> My DSM-520 is just too unstable to give to my 80-year-old Mom, it also has an 
> annoying tendency to lose color.

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