[mythtv-users] how to nuke ALL recordings before a specific date?

Misty P mistyp at thekorn.net
Mon Mar 23 21:35:07 UTC 2009

One of my hard drives died.  My database is 100% OK, my OS is 100% OK, but 
the drive that held all the recordings is out to lunch.

Is there any way to quickly delete ALL recordings before a certain date?  I 
tried going through mythweb one by one, except now they're just sitting in 
'deleted programs'.  (i.e. if I switch the view to deleted programs, there 
are all 180 programs, except myth is NOT cleaning them out after 2 days like 
it's set to since it can't *find* any of them!)

I'd go delete them through the UI, but it takes forever on a recording that 
no longer exists.  180 * forever = bleh.  (Besides, it takes something like 
five clicks to do it, and I think my thumb would have calices by the time I 
was done!)

Thanks in advance!

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