[mythtv-users] myth front end on new mac mini core 2 duo?

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Mar 23 18:42:56 UTC 2009

>>> So, maybe it looks like the VRAM is there, but really not?   
>>> Normally, this
>>> would be a BIOS setting to change how much is allocated, but there  
>>> aren't
>>> BIOS in this bugger...  The total RAM reported by free (~874mb)  
>>> suggests
>>> that only 128mb has been carved out.
>>> Other than getting another stick of memory, I'm not sure what I  
>>> can do.
>>> Does anyone have any thoughts?
>> There isn't a BIOS, but there is Open Firmware. You may be able to  
>> poke around and find things there. To get to it, you boot up while  
>> holding down Command-Option-O-F.
> Hehe, try again, "Open Firmware" is Apple PPC, EFI is Apple Intel  
> and no, there is no magic key combination to "get at" EFI. Does not  
> work that way.

I think I read that the mini has 256mb shared video ram unless you  
ungrade to >1gig memory, then the shared amount goes up to 512mb. I  
have not looked at mine since upgrading. I bought the 1gig and changed  
it out to 4gig. It must be something being automatically allocated in  
the EFI.

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