[mythtv-users] screwed up my 180.41 nv update

David Miller dave at justdave.net
Mon Mar 23 07:57:04 UTC 2009

Kevin Bailey wrote on 3/22/09 9:42 PM:
> I noticed the 180.41 drivers availability a couple days
> but held off upgrading. Finally did it today thinking,
> no problem. uh uh.
> At some point X crashed and when I re-started it, it
> said that the driver was the wrong version.
> So I did some digging and apparently its loading the
> driver from the restricted-modules package. So I
> nuke that and nuke nvidia-180-kernel-source. After
> looking around, the only nvidia.ko in sight is one
> over in /var...dkms...collisions.

Try "sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-glx-180".  For some reason that
seems to clear up some issues that sometimes come up.  Not sure whether
it'll fix that one or not.

I do know (from a previous thread and experience) that the nvidia
drivers currently in the avenard repo require you to uninstall your
existing nvidia drivers first before installing them.  You might try
removing all traces of nvidia stuff then installing it again.


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