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Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 19:11:10 UTC 2009

2009/3/20 Daniel Dunning <dan3501 at yahoo.com>

> Folks,
> I've dabbled with MythTV some time ago, and loved it.  Now, I want to build
> a box completely from scratch to truly exploit it.  I am building from
> scratch, and looking for purchase recommendations to integrate with existing
> Verizon FIOS HD-DVR.  I am not bound by anything that I currently own and am
> looking for components that will work well together and will run under
> Ubuntu.  I'm willing to build piecemeal or purchase the system as a
> package.  A dual tuner system would be nice, but not necessary.  It is more
> important to me that I would be able to get rid of my existing FIOS HD DVR
> than to be able to record two channels at once.
> I appreciate all input and suggestions, as I am looking to start building
> the system in the next couple of weeks after ordering all components.

You say you want to integrate with your STB and get rid of your STB.  Which
is it?  Note that if you want to record any channels >= 50 (excepting OTA HD
channels that FIOS carries) from Verizon FIOS, you will need a STB (not
necessarily the DVR STB).

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