[mythtv-users] Maximum file size exceeded by file

George Galt george.galt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 14:35:18 UTC 2009


I've encountered an odd problem and can only seem to find a brief discussion
in the archives on the subject (which was the devs talking about
implementing the error message).

I recently set up a slave backend (32-bit Fedora 10) with an old PVR-250 to
handle some additional recording needs.  It mounts the video directory of
the master backend through NFS so that the recordings are written directly
to the main video storage directory (which is an XFS file system on a 64-bit
Fedora 8 box).  Here is the line from fstab mounting the master backend
directory:   /video            nfs

For hour long recordings (normally about 2.4GB) the last 5-10 minutes are
cut off, even though the OSD shows a recording time of 1 hour and the file
size is truncated to about 2.1GB.

The log on the slave backend shows the following:

Maximum file size exceeded by '/video/recordings/2024_20090316200000.mpg
You must either change the process ulimits, configure
your operating system with "Large File" support, or use
a filesystem which supports 64-bit or 128-bit files.
HINT: FAT32 is a 32-bit filesystem.

I'm not sure what to change, however.  The file system on the master backend
can certainly handle large files that come off the master backend.  Is there
some limit on NFS that I need to alter?  Any help would be greatly

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