[mythtv-users] myth front end on new mac mini core 2 duo?

Jason spuppet at comcast.net
Fri Mar 20 14:09:03 UTC 2009

On Thu, March 19, 2009 22:13, David Miller wrote:
> Jason wrote on 3/20/09 12:46 AM:
>> If so, I'll be pretty happy, because that's what I wanted, but I just
>> want to confirm that I'm not seeing things.  This might also be the goal
>> that others want and if the base model works with Linux with 512mb VRAM,
>> then that could save folks some money or time with a putty knife.  :)
> Yeah, I noticed that, too, since I got two of the things, and I went and
> looked at the second one before upgrading the RAM in it and it already said
> 512MB on it, too.  Must be the shared VRAM amount is a driver-level
> thing and the Linux driver knows how to push it a little better. :) (or a
> little more dangerously depending on your opinion)

It looks like the info from nvidia-settings might not be completely
correct.  I'm getting a variety of resource errors from VDPAU when trying
to watch recordings:

2009-03-20 06:52:57.710 VDPAU Error: Error at util-vdpau.cpp:599 (#23, The
system does not have enough resources to complete the requested
 operation at this time.)

So, maybe it looks like the VRAM is there, but really not?  Normally, this
would be a BIOS setting to change how much is allocated, but there aren't 
BIOS in this bugger...  The total RAM reported by free (~874mb) suggests
that only 128mb has been carved out.

Other than getting another stick of memory, I'm not sure what I can do. 
Does anyone have any thoughts?

> Something to keep in mind about that though... since it's shared memory,
> that means it's only leaving you with 512MB for the rest of the system,
> too.  You'll probably be swapping in a hurry with that little bit of RAM.
> That's probably why Apple limited it the way they did in their driver.

True.  I'm expecting that with 512mb of RAM, the mini should run a bit
better than my appletv which gets only 256mb after the VRAM is carved out.
 It might be moot if I have to get another stick of RAM, too.


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