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Fri Mar 20 12:50:37 UTC 2009

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> On 03/19/2009 10:14 PM, Johnny wrote:
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> >
> >> Can anyone help me with some Storage Directories configuration?
> >>
> >> My set up is this:
> >>
> >> 1 Master backend (mbe) with 2 local drives set up as
> /mnt/video1 and
> >> /mnt/video2 and 3 capture cards.
> >>
> >> 1 Slave backend (sbe) with no local drives but mbe:/mnt/video1
> >> mounted as
> >> /mnt/video1 and mbe:/mnt/video2 mounted as /mnt/video2 and
> 1 capture card.
> >>
> >> I've set up the /mnt/video[12] on mbe as storage directories.
> >>
> >> I've also set up (the NFS mounted) /mnt/video[12] on sbe.
> >>
> >> I think my question is: Do I need to set up the NFS
> mounted dirs on
> >> sbe?  It seems that when mbe goes looking for a direrctory
> to write
> >> to, it is considering 4 locations rather than 2, but they
> both point
> >> to the same 2 drives.
> >>
> >> If I don't set up any storage dirs on sbe, what will the 1 capture
> >> card on sbe write to?
> >>
> >> Any clarification would help.
> >>
> >
> > Hopefully others can answer with more clarity. I was confused also
> > when I recently did almost the exact same setup. I got the
> point you
> > are at, and I didn't add any directories to the storage
> group on the
> > slave backend. Reading other posts in the archives seemed
> to indicate
> > this was not necessary if you have them setup in the MBE and then
> > mounted to the same locations on the SBE.
> Correct (assuming--currently, due to a little "bug"--that
> you're just using the Default storage group).
> You define the directory list associated with a storage group
> on the master backend, and you should not override that
> definition on remote backends unless it differs substantially
> from the master backend's definition.  IMHO, you should only
> do an override if you /need/ to remove directories from
> consideration (i.e. they exist on the remote backend, but
> should /not/ be used for recordings--if they don't exist,
> they're not a problem, so an override is not warranted.)
> The full story (far more details than you likely want) is at:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/370317#3703
> 17 and the following replies in the thread.
> >  However, I couldn't get
> > recordings or live tv to work in the exact arrangement you have. I
> > added the directories to the default storage group on the
> SBE and then
> > everything worked fine. I don't know if that is the
> correct/supported
> > way, but I couldn't get my SBE to record to the NFS mounted
> drives on
> > my MBE until I added them to the storage group on the SBE.
> Likely there was a definition for the Default storage group
> on the remote backend (i.e. an override of the master
> backend's definition), so it didn't work until you added the
> directories to the remote backend's override.
> Mike
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Thanks for the replies.  It is becoming clearer (I think).  In my setup, I'm
guessing that I only have to set up the directories in the Default Storage
Group as /mnt/video1 and /mnt/video2.  These drives are local to the MBE.
As long as I mount them in the same place on the SBE, I don't have to really
configure anything on the SBE as far as Storage Groups go.  I don't plan on
having any drives mounted locally on the SBE (yet) as I want the MBE to be
able to serve everything on its own in case I need to take the SBE down for
any reason.

I guess its nice to know the a remote frontend, while looking for a
recording, will go to the MBE, which in turn would go to a SBE to find the
show.  If I read that other post correctly, if such a scenario were to
occur, it would be caused by having a local drive in the SBE which the MBE
had no access to.  Would the MBE then cause the SBE to stream it straight to
the FE?  Or would the SBE stream it to the MBE which would then turn around
and stream it to the FE?  This doesn't affect me yet but it might if I have
to throw more drives into the SBE.

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