[mythtv-users] Intel DG45FC with GMA X4500HD graphics dropping frames

Travis Tabbal travis at tabbal.net
Thu Mar 19 19:59:07 UTC 2009

Really, if you want the best Linux/MythTV support, get an NVidia based
board. I won't buy any motherboard right now that isn't based on NVidia 8xxx
or 9xxx chipsets. They don't cost any more than any other boards and they
work great with Linux and MythTV. You can even use VDPAU and move all the
video decoding off to the GPU. If you are trying to re-use old hardware,
either buy a new video card or a new motherboard for frontends. Backends and
servers don't really use the video hardware much, so most anything will do.
My old server was using an ancient ISA Trident VGA card. Did everything I
needed it to do. The new server motherboard didn't have ISA slots or I might
have put it in the new one too. Frontends are obviously more graphics
intensive. :)

Hopefully, Intel and AMD/ATI will get the hint and give us decent drivers or
specs so that the community can write their own. But for now, that's not the
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