[mythtv-users] Anyone using a "Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-S Plus PCI Card - Model 790"

Andre Newman mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Mar 19 17:58:04 UTC 2009

On 12 Mar 2009, at 12:17, Jens.Peder.Terjesen at devoteam.com wrote:
> >If anyone has one of these - please can you tell me if its working?
I have a couple of them, works fine with the stock kernel in Ubuntu  
> I don't have this card anymore because after a few months the tone  
> switching stopped working, so I returned it to the webshop and got a  
> HVR-4000 as a replacement free of charge.
Interesting, the newer one of my Nova S plus cards doesn't work with  
tone switching! Haven't had chance to swap it out to prove if it's  
software or hardware, it's in a friend's PC a few miles away and the  
channels it's recording are all low band ones. His Sky+ gets all the  
channels so his LNB is probably fine.

I doubt Dabs will be as accommodating but thanks for reminding me  
about it before the warranty expires, I had assumed it was a  
misconfiguration or driver problem (like the H/V switching fubar in  
the Nova HD S2 driver).


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