[mythtv-users] MythTV frontend + XVMC + AGP?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Tue Mar 17 04:24:07 UTC 2009

Rich West wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Mar 2009 11:49:56 -0400, Rich West <Rich.West at wesmo.com> wrote:
>>> For me a working solution was to go into bios and set my agp bus speed
>>> to 1x and I might have played with another option in the bios agp
>>> settings. Sorry but cant check it atm. I am using xvmc to decode both
>>> 1080i and 720p on a AthlonXP clocked at 2 ghz. Only thing I see is an
>>> occasional glitch in the audio, usually on loud material but it may be
>>> related to my piping digital audio out to my receiver via optical
>>> cable and not about xvmc at all. 
>> Really?  Hrmm.. cool...now that is something to try.  You have me
>> curious now.. :) What's the specs of your install?  I was trying F10 +
>> XvMC + Nvidia 6200 AGP 512MB (driver ver 100.14.11)+ 1GB RAM. 
>> The *only* problem I was having was with the Nvidia driver.  Anything
>> greater than 100.14.11 would still allow me to enable XvMC, but the
>> overlays (like when you pause or skip) would spike the CPU usage and
>> cause everything to stutter like crazy until the overlay faded away. 
>> Supposedly, that was due to a bug that showed up in the drivers after
>> 100.14.11.  It would be awesome if you have a workaround that I can
>> replicate. :)
>> As an aside, the reason I upgraded from F8 to F10 was because I started
>> seeing stuttering in MythVideo when viewing DVD ISO's.  I initially
>> thought it had to do with a mismatch of Mythtv installs between my FEs
>> and my BE.  I found out last night, after rolling one FE back to F8,
>> that the problem I was seeing with MythVideo was NFS related.  Backing
>> the NFS server down to 2.6.24 (matching the kernel version of the FE),
>> the stuttering went away.  So.. I guess there is some incompatibility
>> that was introduced in the latest kernel with regard to NFS. :(  Argh.
>> Anyhow, I'll still try your suggestion.  I'd love to go to F10 with this
>> configuration.. and it kills me that it works wonderfully under F8, but
>> I cannot upgrade to F10 without HD playback issues (only with the
> overlay).
> Ahh.. sadly, I can only change it to 4x (rather than 8x).  The issue only
> seems to show itself when the overlay is up.  :(  I wonder if there is
> something there that I can tinker with...

Ah, well.. Rolled back to F8 with the 2.6.24 kernel for now until I can
find my way through this mess (darned nVidia!).  2.6.26 had the lirc
module as part of the kernel. :)


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